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MANGO RAIN Shares Charming Debut Single ‘What Are We’

With woozy synths and sultry spread chords, Mango Rain makes his debut with a spellbinding single, What Are We.

Mango Rain 2020

Bringing an intoxicating sound, Mango Rain makes an unforgettable debut of alluring charm and oozing charisma that you cannot get enough of. Mango Rain is the first solo project of 21-year-old Stockholm musician Isak Frihammar, and his sidekick producer and songwriter Oskar Jennefors. Expressing his distaste for categorising music into clear-cut genres, Isak works against this by combining wide-ranging influences to create his own sound that hints at elements of indie and R&B in a mellifluous concoction. Isak says:

I try to have as fun as possible making music and that’s the energy I want people to hear. As the music works on a beach – I’m happy.

What Are We provides the first tantalising taste of what can be expected from the new musical project, as Mango Rain prepares to release an EP of four singles that will cover a whole host of genres and sounds. Lyrically centred by the theme of falling in love with a friend, the fluttering feelings that are brought on by this are complemented by lush and atmospheric electronics that set a hypnotic ambience for you to melt into. Summing up his sound in one sentence, Isak exclaims, “You will hear it’s Mango!”