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COYOTE ISLAND Shares New Single ’11’

Coyote Island brings a rosy beam of sunlight with his latest airy single 11.

Coyote Island 2020

Following previous releases Here Before and Golden Rule earlier this year, the Maine-based singer and songwriter Mike O’Hehir, aka Coyote Island, has been treating us to his atmospheric sonics only for a few months and managed to catch our eye from the first listen. If you’re wondering where the ‘mysterious’ moniker derives from, the multi-instrumentalist explains that Coyote Island is a ‘sound and a place’ where he discovered his unique cross-genre sound as he distinctively unites soundscapes of folk, pop, reggae and R&B.

His latest single goes under the name of 11 and although it stands at only two-minutes-long, it is more than enough to dazzle and capture our attention. Heavenly airy and soothing guitar strums are joined by strikingly light vocals and divine harmonies, providing a nostalgic summery fresh breeze of air into our dull autumn days.

Speaking of the new release, Mike explains:

’11’ portrays the peak of Summer. It’s about discerning Love from lust, catching yourself in the heat, and believe it or not – ‘taking it slow’. I was making demos in Garageband one day….these chords came to me and I got excited. I put a mic up and the whole song poured out in one shot.