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POSABLE ACTION FIGURES Share New Single ‘Simulator’ feat. HONEYBLOOD

Posable Action Figures join forces with Honeyblood on new track Simulator that packs a futuristic and feisty punch.

Possible Action Figures 2020

Scottish outfit Posable Action Figures have released a new track with Honeyblood titled Simulator that is taken from their upcoming debut album It Is What It Is. True to its name, the song feels like an electronic dream that uses layered synthesisers to create a robotic effect as a metaphor of the song itself. The classic electric guitar patterns make Simulator a familiar but inventive tune. This isn’t just another indie song, it’s a short, sharp burst of energy that will pull you onto the dance floor. 

Speaking on the new release, Posable Action Figures share:

This one goes out to all the practice boys and girls, to the loves that never quite made it, to the ones WE are not prepared to admit left a mark.