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WALLOWS Announce New EP ‘Remote’

Meet Wallets, your new favourite band.

Wallows 2020

Wallows have announced details of their new quarantine-made EP, Remote, set to arrive on October 23rd. The new compilation of songs is a follow-up to the trio’s debut album, Nothing Happens, released last year.

The first taste of the new EP comes in the form of a quirky love song, Nobody Gets Me (Like You). Synth-infused, guitar-driven, and sun-kissed, the track creates the quintessence of indie bliss with its upbeat and stirring melodies. Collaborating with director Dillon Dowdell for the third time, the video for the song is a continuation of the story presented in the clip for the band’s previous single, OK. Filled with retro elements, the visuals add a surrealistic and humorous twist to the narrative as Wallows end up at Schaefer’s House Party.

Wallows Remote EP 2020


  1. Virtual Aerobics
  2. Dig What You Dug
  3. Nobody Gets Me (Like You)
  4. Coastlines
  5. Talk Like That
  6. Wish Me Luck