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Daily Archives: September 11, 2020

AViVA 2020

Artist Of The Week // AViVA

Inviting you into her twisted, fantastical world, AViVA beckons listeners with her catchy new single WICKED. Los Angeles-based AViVA is proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with. Self-proclaiming herself as Queen of the Outsiders, it’s a bold claim to make but she

GOSS 2020

GOSS Shares New Single ‘Everybody’s Going’

Danish breakthrough dynamite Goss releases a funky anthem for those who experience FOMO. With two EPs, Healthcare (2017) and Homeland Security (2018), and tens of singles under his astonishing musical belt, Goss unveils his latest offering in a string of new singles with Everybody’s Going.

Topm McKee 2020

TOM MCKEE Unveils New Single ‘Closer’

Philadelphia-based musician, Tom McKee is showcasing his years of musical experience with ascending new single Closer. Fuelled by desire, the post-hardcore track traverses with unrelenting passion from the moment it begins. The song gifts listeners feelings of soaring hopefulness as they wander along the edge