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TOM MCKEE Unveils New Single ‘Closer’

Philadelphia-based musician, Tom McKee is showcasing his years of musical experience with ascending new single Closer.

Topm McKee 2020

Fuelled by desire, the post-hardcore track traverses with unrelenting passion from the moment it begins. The song gifts listeners feelings of soaring hopefulness as they wander along the edge of each sonic cliff carved out by Tom McKee’s songwriting.

Conjuring a tidal wave of sound massive enough to awaken the athirst achiever inside us all, the song is bursting with intricate flurries of instruments. From trickling piano, pulsing ambients and crashing cymbals to rippling mid-gain guitar tones and pounding breakdowns, the song’s musicality is equally as dramatic as it is hard-hitting.

The particularly inspiring line of “I don’t want to exist, I want to live” at the song’s climax, proves McKee’s talents sprawl farther than just his skills in composition but his lyric writing. And his cathartic approach is one many can find solace and familiarity within.

Approachable, profound, melodic and weighted, Closer is a song to get both lost and found in.