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JIMI SOMEWHERE Soothes With New Single ‘Jesus’ feat. KACY HILL

Drawing upon inner conflict and turmoil to create a stirring piece, Jesus is the moving new track from Jimi Somewhere.

Jimi Somewhere 2020

Hailing from Norway, Benjamin Schandy creates under the moniker Jimi Somewhere and draws us into his world with an expansive and cinematic sound. Channelling multiple sources of inspiration, from filmmaker Spike Jonze to rapper Kendrick Lamar, this varied abundance of stimuli allows Benjamin to pick and choose his favourite bits and meld it into his own unique sound. On his newest track Jesus, he collaborates with singer Kacy Hill to bring his inner conflicts about his religious upbringing to the forefront in a harmony of multi-layered vocals and dewy melodies. The track is lifted off his debut album, Nothing Gold Can Stay, which is set to be released on November 13th.

Explaining more of the lyrical content of the track, Jimi Somewhere says:

‘Jesus’ is a song about a lot of different things, but overall it’s about frustration & feeling lost. I grew up Christian, but as I grew older I felt that my faith was more based on routine and tradition than personal belief. Slowly I fell out with the church, but I still felt like every time I did something that didn’t align with the values I grew up on, it would affect my life in a negative way. So, I’ve been trying to find the balance there. I really think regardless of faith and what you believe, we all can learn from Jesus. To accept everybody, be honest, be open, love everybody & bear no judgment. The church itself also often seems to forget that part.