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NEON DREAMS Get Emotional on New Single ‘Don’t Go Hating Me Now’

Poignant messaging and passionate pop make Don’t Go Hating Me Now a delight to listen to.

Neon Dreams 2020

Lyrically, Don’t Go Hating Me Now could transform into an emotional ballad with ease. However, Neon Dreams defy the expectations by tying the eloquent lyrics to a passionate, alt-pop song that commands your attention. The guitar progressions take cues from early 2000s pop-rock and mix seamlessly with the modern pop elements in the chorus. Vocalist Frank Kadillac’s voice brings grittiness to an otherwise perfectly manicured track. It’s easy to fall into a Don’t Go Hating Me Now hole where all of a sudden you’ve listened fifteen times in a row; it’s that catchy.

Speaking on the track, Kadillac said:

I was on my third article in one day reading about an extremely talented person passing away due to an addiction. It made me feel horrible that these things keep happening because I’ve witnessed so many people growing up go down that road. It’s in all us to help a friend in need, but what happens when you try, they resent you and you become the bad guy? It’s the hardest moment ever especially if you love them.