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THE DUMES Electrify With New Single ‘Neverlost’

With an urgent, cutting-throat energy, Neverlost is a fine example of the explosiveness that can be created when you have enough pent up energy.

The Dumes 2020

Los Angeles based quintet The Dumes are not alone in experiencing frustration and anger, and they channel these collective, relatable feelings into their blistering new single Neverlost. Consisting of five long-term friends and collaborators, the quintet is fronted by Elodie Tomlinson, who was one of seven children in her family and so has learnt how to use her voice and get loud from a young age. She brings the same unwavering confidence and urgent demand to The Dumes and in tandem with the cacophonous instrumentals, the band have no qualms about getting in your face with their searing sound.

Neverlost directs the band’s focused energy on the theme of breaking away from the past to write your own future narrative. They understand the confidence needed to take this leap of faith into the uncertain, but the roaring guitars and thunderous drums should provide more than enough fuel for you to embark on this unpredictable and exciting journey. Describing the track as ‘a collective temper tantrum’, Elodie’s vocals rip across with ferocity as frenzied instruments simultaneously release their pent up energy. The track is an undeniable statement of intent, and what lays ahead for this young band is sure to be equally captivating.