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REI BROWN Drops Attention-Grabbing Single ‘Honest’

If I’m honest, this new release is simply stunning.

rei brown 2020

Some songs pass like the wind while others, like rei brown’s new cut, Honest, hit you like a truck. The opening notes are delicate, but the melancholic aura they emit set the tone for the song to build around. Despite the heart-shattering realization that brown comes to, the way the chorus explodes in a wave of passionate falsetto and all-encompassing sound will make you want to, at the very least, sway in time. “I never loved you if I’m honest,” he mournfully belts, capturing the essence of rei brown’s rich vocals. Honest is a landmark single for the Japanese-American newcomer and should not be ignored by pop lovers anywhere.

Speaking on the release, brown said:

I made a lot of promises. When I realized I couldn’t keep those promises, it almost felt easier to keep pretending then to face reality.