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Album Review // THE HUNNA ‘I’d Rather Die Than Let You In’

Quintessentially rock ‘n’ roll, I’d Rather Die Than Let You In sees The Hunna mature and take control of their art becoming the masters of their own craft. 

The Hunna I'd Rather Die Than Let You In 2020

The music industry is tough on everyone not least The Hunna, from being torn apart by previous management to losing a band member earlier this year, the band has had their fair share of trials and tribulations but that hasn’t stopped them from creating a masterclass in rock ‘n’ roll and ultimately becoming the beacon of hope for young musicians everywhere. Releasing new tracks every day building up to the new album, The Hunna have consistently excited fans throughout, creating hype around their most ambitious work yet. 

Opening with One Hell Of A Gory Story…, the track encapsulates everything the band has been through over the years and perfectly tributes how they came out the other side. Similarly Dark Times touches on current political and social issues that are affecting everyone right now, as well as Horror, opening with an audio clipping from a news report surrounding the Australian wildfires and how the world seems to be crumbling around us. These tracks all have anthemic choruses that engage the listener and make the heartbeat out of the chest. 

I Wanna Know is a prime example of how The Hunna have managed to mature but keep the real identity of the band as it features the signature grunge guitar work and the gritty, sophisticated vocals of Ryan Potter that are familiar to fans around the world in and out of mosh pits. Lost is also a great example of this as it’s distinctive to The Hunna but wouldn’t fit into any of their other albums, proving just how far they’ve come as musicians and individuals. Their monumental single Cover You featuring blink-182’s Travis Barker was a huge moment for The Hunna which proved that they could work with the big names of the music industry and seamlessly hold their own and keep their individuality intact.  

Young & Faded is the latest single to be released by the band, a rock anthem for the youth of today, encouraging sticking by what you believe in and staying true to yourself despite the words of others. It features softer guitar lines in the verses but still keeps itself as a rock song that makes a big impact much like One Second Left which flows with an acoustic guitar and the passionate, angelic vocals of Ryan Potter as drums provided by Jack Metcalfe lead us seamlessly into the chorus. 

Featuring phem, If This Is Love is one of the only rock ballad tracks on the record whilst being one of the rawest, emotional and honest pieces of music The Hunna have ever created. phem’s vocals surely add a sense of vulnerability and softness to the song. 

Rounding up what is undoubtedly a landmark album for The Hunna, the title track I’d Rather Die Than Let You In fills you with a newfound pride which The Hunna themselves should be feeling after creating a body of work that’s progressive, refreshing and grown-up.