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GWYN LOVE Shares New Single ‘Good Vibes’

Gwyn Love finds happiness in the simple things with her electro-pop banger, Good Vibes.

Gwyn Love 2020

Joyous and reflective, Good Vibes is a dance floor-worthy anthem that captures the essence of summertime in just over four minutes. Oozing with infectious energy and fervour, the track thrives on cinematic synths and heartwarming vocals that, as the title suggests, bring only the good vibes. A celebration of the power of friendship, the song is a follow-up to Gwyn Love‘s debut single never have to see u again, released this past summer.

On the new track, Gwyn notes:

‘Good Vibes’ is about a time in my life where everything felt like it was working and making sense. No matter how bad of a day I had, my friends were always there to cheer me up at the end of it. This was what I had dreamed for my entire life, just to know that I was loved, fit in, and cared for. The energy my friends and I had this summer was so radiant, there was no way everyone around us couldn’t feel it. When things start getting really hard and hectic in my life, I listen to this song and remember the simple happiness I felt at that time and remind myself that I will feel that way again. This song captures a feeling of magic for me, I hope it does for you guys too.