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THE HABITS Don’t Play Around With New Track ‘Amelia’

Marking their presence loud and clear, The Habits’ new single is a playfully melodic cut from their forthcoming EP.

The Habits 2020

Beginning to end The Habits‘ new tune, Amelia, will have you bopping along. The alt-pop cut throws spicy guitar riffs, bold bass, lively percussion, and catchy melodies together, concocting a hypnotizing number for listeners. There is something uniquely them in the fabric of the song, but that originality also feels like a warm hug from a friend you haven’t seen in six months. It’s in the way vocalist Wolf Bradley’s voice washes over you and in his catchy falsetto ‘woo’s. Musically, it’s lighthearted fun, which translates across the entire Amelia ecosystem from lyrics to music video. In the visual, the band performs on the fictitious late-night show ‘Nightlife with Terry Frack’ with the titular character as the show’s (surprised) guest. With some silly twists and goofy acting, the video turns the Amelia listening experience up to 11.