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FLØRE and NOVAA Share Dreamy Collaborative Single ‘Rich Kids’

Childish innocence and wonder peek through a haze of gentle guitars and evocative synths in the latest track from FLØRE and Novaa.

Flore 2020

Alt-popper FLØRE isn’t the only one who has discovered the magic of music in giving you a sense of identity and consolation when it feels like everything else in the world is at odds with you. Using songwriting as a way “to give this weird existence a meaning”, she’s made the latest step on her journey in collaboration with Berlin indie-pop artist Novaa as they join forces to explore the enticing allure of childish desires and to run away with your fancies.

Rich Kids is the last single to be released before the grand reveal of FLØRE’s debut EP SUPERBLOOM, which is set for release on October 30th. Combining dulcet female vocals with a driving acoustic guitar harmony, Rich Kids soars in bounds and leaps as pounding drums provide the platform for take-off. Wistful lyrics like, ‘if dreaming was paid, we’d all be rich kids’ are sure to strike a chord with listeners, as we’ve all indulged ourselves in fantasies and imagined a different life for ourselves. As FLØRE puts it, “The world needs more dreamers and kids with visions. Running away with nothing but your bag full of dreams, being young and broke, that’s what the song is about”, so if you needed any excuse to let your fancies take flee, this is it.