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LOWLIVES Return With New Single ‘Gravity’

Intoxicating and contagious, Lowlives’ Gravity demands you turn the volume up.

Lowlives 2020

One of the most truly, purely rock songs I’ve heard lately, Gravity will immediately make you nod your head and take over your senses. The tune’s melody is undeniably compelling and the chorus is charmingly memorable, while the wonderfully directed and skillfully post-produced video by Luke Johnson compliments the melody and adds a sense of restlessness to the song’s already energising and agitating story. Although the vocals could use some work on this one for the melody to flow seamlessly and more naturally, the instrumental is amazing and makes up for the slightly awkward vocals, boasting with wild energy and flawlessly carrying this song from beginning to end. This being said, I believe this tune proves once again the band’s immense rockstar potential and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.