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PACESHIFTERS Share New Track ‘Hurdles’

Paceshifters drop first tease off their new album and speak the unspeakable truth as they urge listeners to wake up and conquer those Hurdles.

Paceshifters 2020

After restlessly touring and being on the front line of the alt-rock musical scene for over a decade, the Dutch rockers are now ready to unveil a brand new re-invented chapter in their career as they announce their highly anticipated fifth album. The record promises for a vigorously upbeat, cohesive collection of ten tracks and sets the expectations bar to a new high as vocalist Seb admits:

We made quite a few changes, new management, new record label, new booking agency but also played a bit with our image and definitely revamped our sound. Everything is different now, except the name of the band and it’s still the same three guys making a lot of noise.

The album announcement is not the only exciting news though as Paceshifters decided to further tease what we should expect from their new work with music video for their newest single Hurdles. The humbly explosive track is nothing but a lyrically and sonically straightforward, short and simple soundscape. Built on haunting energising guitar strings and heavy rapid drums, Hurdles serves as a cold ‘slap in the face’ to wake up and overcome what’s holding you back – ‘There is always / Hurdles to overcome / Before today, wake up / As long as I can be / Keeping up without you, without it / The sorrow shouldn’t last / But reality can always knock you out’.

Make sure to also take some time to watch the accompanying visual that adds even more to the track’s level of surrealism as it finds the band members in their sports outfits track racing and jumping over actual hurdles. If Seb, Paul and Jesper can overcome their hurdles, then so can you.