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SoSo fauX Share New Single ‘TWENTYFOURSEVEN’

Make way for the Swedish bedroom-pop duo, SoSo fauX as they blast off to a kaleidoscopic journey in their hypnotising debut single TWENTYFOURSEVEN.

SoSo fauX 2020

If you haven’t heard of the duo going under the moniker of SoSo fauX, don’t despair as we are here to save the day and introduce you to the ever-growing dynamic between long-term friends Andreas Thordenberg and Nicolai Kjellberg. Only having joined their musical forces a year ago, we are certain that you are familiar with one of the many acclaimed hits Nico lies behind, drawing from his years of experience in the commercial hit duo Hearts & Colors.

The first taste of the emerging pair, that produce what they describe as ‘DIY-style pop in our bedroom’, arrived last week with TWENTYFOURSEVEN and we can only say we’re fully here for it. The almost four-minute long psychedelically soothing sonic is built on euphoric and funky yet minimal pop synths and ethereal bass loops that create an overall nostalgic listening experience to make you reminisce on “the good old days”, as SoSo fauX state. And of course, they didn’t forget to top off the longing memories with the retro VHS-inspired visuals that deliver nothing but uplifting vibes and eye-catching kaleidoscopic effects.