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AKA BLOCK Shares New Single ‘Both Sides Are The Wrong Side’

We have been gifted with the new track from AKA Block titled Both Side Are The Wrong Side and you’ll be tempted to put it on repeat just to take it all in.

AKA Block 2020

Both Sides Are The Wrong Side is super fresh and effortlessly smooth, which we have come to expect from this Amsterdam born now London based artist. As AKA Block‘s velvet vocals intertwines between each stage of the track, it creates a sublime moment. Paired with a piano to open the song, it’s idyllic. Yet the track features some seriously cool synths and vocal effects that take it to another level. The quality of production on this song is dazzling and I can’t get enough. Both Sides Are The Wrong Side is the last single lifted off AKA Block’s All My Favorite Socks Have Holes EP. What a way to come full circle.