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MAELLA Shares New Single ‘Melting Butter’

Things are getting hot with the latest track from Maella titled Melting Butter that is a little piece of liquid gold.

Maella 2020

This seductive track draws you in from the first few seconds with Maella‘s stunning vocals and sultry guitar. By the time the first chorus unleashes, you are captured. Melting Butter is effortlessly balanced and holds a patient pace which shows a refinement and confidence beyond her years. The Prague born and London bred artist is defiantly coming into her own and navigating into her fresh personal style. It’s alluring and if this is a sign of things to come, it’s exciting to see how she continues to flourish.

Speaking on the new single, Maella shares:

The song captures the moment when you realise that you were wasting your time falling for a bad boy. The type that leads you on but never settles, constantly slipping from your fingers like butter. It was one of those songs that happened really fast, in a really cathartic way. I felt like I finally managed to get over someone through writing it, and funnily enough, he actually left me with a heightened sense of self worth: if he doesn’t value me, he’s not worth the chase.