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JOYA MOOI Shares New Single ‘More Than Ever’

Joya Mooi has completed her poignant EP, Blossom Carefully, and has unveiled its final single, More Than Ever.

Joya Mooi 2020

Like sweet honey, Joya Mooi’s soulful voice quickly wraps you in a warm embrace while the hip-hop instrumental ground track has your ears buzzing instantaneously making the track equally as exciting as it is calming.

Joya’s ethereal register isn’t the only entrancing quality More Than Ever has to offer, it’s the interstellar keys that twinkle like stars, and the afrofuturistic themes that make it undeniably fascinating.

Focusing on her present reality with both the latest single and the EP, Joya’s newest collection is one fuelled by a tangible hopefulness for the future and change, rather than reflecting on the already cemented moments of the past — making it a glowing beacon of optimism amidst a society currently shroud in darkness.

Touching more on the full EP, Joys Mooi had this to day:

Normally when I create I tend to reflect on the past, but for my EP I wanted to connect, to go somewhere I haven’t been. Drawing inspiration from spiritual, social and political themes and personal stories, but mostly my own imagination, in order to envision my wishes for the future. On ‘Blossom Carefully’ I feel like I have constructed a reality where I can be free.