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THE MOON & I Shares Stunning New Track ‘Moon I’

If you need to take a moment or even several moments, the ideal song to accompany that is the latest from The Moon & I titled Moon I.

the moon and i 2020

The Moon & I is a music project from Montreal-based artist Eric Nguyen.

The grandness of the presence of the bold piano and the delicacy of the vocals create an impeccable pairing on Moon I. As the track ebbs and flows from verse to chorus, it amounts into a robust yet compassionate atmospheric moment. Dealing lyrically with moments of seclusion and lonesomeness, some strong themes experienced this year by most people, the song resonates more than ever. Written back in 2012, Moon I feels more relevant, showing how art imitates life constantly. It was mixed and mastered by Dan Donopka who is the drummer for the iconic band OK GO.

Speaking on the new single, The Moon & I shares:

The song primarily deals with isolation and loneliness. How easy it is to fall into darkness, when we’re left alone to our own devices without someone to anchor us and remind us of who we are.