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KAMMA Expresses Hopeful Feelings to Be ‘Something To You’

Coming from a place of vulnerability and transparency about her emotions and desires, Kamma’s newest track Something To You will strike a chord within you and touch your heart.

Kamma 2020

Up and coming artist Kamma shares her striking sophomore single Something To You, a breathtakingly open piece of work that unveils the layers of emotional attachment in relationships. Born to a parent with Alzheimer’s, 26 year-old Signe Rønsov never felt that she had the space to discover herself, always having to follow a character role to avoid causing additional stress. She explains:

There were a lot of years where my life was set aside because of my mother’s illness. I did everything that I could to not cause any unnecessary worries for my parents, which meant that I had to follow a straight path and draw too much attention to myself. Just like my self confidence my dreams were boxed and put far away.

With Kamma, the artist is beginning to find her own musical space to catch up on this growth and test out her boundaries, free from external constraint. Of this lesson, Signe shares:

One of the most important things for me today is therefore daring to stand by myself and my selfish dreams, and to keep reminding myself that it is okay for me to be someone other than the young woman whose mom is sick.

In Something To You, she discloses more of her strained upcoming and is forthright about the feelings that she has kept hidden away for so long. Between the constant driving percussion and heartbreakingly honest vocals, the song brings the same urgent energy in both the lyricism and the sonics. Disclosing more about the direct inspiration behind this track, Kamma expresses:

‘Something To You’ is about my relationship with my father. Unfortunately, a relationship that has been marked by failure and a feeling that he never got to say that he loves me, even though we have been through difficult times together. That is why I remember even on a daily basis, how incredibly important it is to speak openly about what you feel in your close relationships. That you dare to open your mouth and be vulnerable to those you care about. Although it is not always words that create a feeling of love or acceptance, together with loving actions they can make a huge difference to the person who receives them. The lack of those words has affected my self-esteem and the way I looked at myself when I was younger and it still sticks deep inside. I never want to pass on to others.