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ORCHARD Release New Track ‘Paws’

Four-piece alternative rock band Orchard are making new waves in the indie scene with new single Paws.

Orchard 2020

Wrapped up in the sound of shoe-gaze and Britain in the early noughties, Paws is the new single from Staffordshire based indie band Orchard. Written from a place of love and trust capturing what it feels like to have support from your partner, Paws is soaked in elements of the New York music scene whilst preserving its British identity with the rhythmic drums and familiar electric guitars.

Speaking on the new single, frontman Tom Harley shares:

‘Paws’ was the first track we wrote as Orchard, and it came together pretty quickly. It doesn’t sound like it but it’s essentially a love song. It’s about being absorbed in life, at times swamped, but knowing someone’s got your back when things get on top of you. It’s about a state of mind: being content, mindful of others and appreciative of loved ones.