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TIGGY Releases New Single ‘Share This Feeling’

Meet Tiggy – the ever evolving bedroom pop maker about to take over.

Tiggy 2020

The independent surf and indie pop singer and songwriter seems to be in for a pleasantly busy workload this year that finds her more ready than ever to take the next big career step by releasing several songs in the build up to her debut EP Diplomat’s Daughter, out next year. Share This Feeling is the latest atmospheric single from Tiggy that further establishes her distinctively breezy and dreamy aesthetics and her soothing sonics.

The four minute track is a constantly evolving dazzling pop dream that focuses on the inspiring yet disheartening message of offering a helping hand to a mentally struggling friend and trying to re-connect with the beauty and happiness in life. Tiggy’s powerful vocal performance is undoubtedly the highlight of the soundtrack that features divine harmonies, rhythmic pop drums and therapeutic nature sounds in the background to make it the perfect relaxing yet outrageously catchy anthem.

Speaking of Share This Feeling, Tiggy explains:

‘Share This Feeling’ invites a friend struggling with mental health or hardship to share in the joy and clarity that being disconnected in nature brings. It’s so difficult to try and coax a friend who is down to even momentarily forget the anxieties of modern day life. For me, surfing does that and I wanted to write a song inviting someone to take my hand and share the feeling I get from disconnecting from it all. This song never fails to put a smile on my face.