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MOTHERLAND Share New Single ‘Starting Blocks’

UK alt-rock group, Motherland, gifted fans an equally as euphoric yet weighted new single on Halloween.

Motherland 2020

Said to have been born out of the difficulties of the pandemic, Starting Blocks, is a fast-paced and tenderhearted break up song that is as tactile as they come.

From the moment the guitars and percussion collide, it is pure emotion, only made more palpable by the pensive and frustrated lyrical content that draws listeners in immediately.

Laced with effervescent guitar runs, feral drums and passionate vocals the vastness of the musicality created by the quintet on Starting Blocks escalates their sound closer to melodic hardcore than alternative.

With this, Motherland have created a song that is inviting, painstakingly relatable and euphonic all the while staying grievous — cementing themselves as a band to watch for fans of all things heavy and melodic.