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UFORIA Share Blistering New Single ‘Start Me Up Again’

Start Me Up Again is a euphoric, guitar-fuelled fantasy that is simply irresistible with its charismatic charm.

uforia 2020

Toronto-based quartet Uforia had humble beginnings as a solo project for vocalist and guitarist Michael Ursini, before it expanded to take on its current larger-than-life character. With this increased firepower, the band has utilised this to maximum efficiency by crafting thrilling rock sounds with powerful hooks and dazzling instrumental performances. All of this is evident in their most recent single Start Me Up Again, which charges listeners up with searing guitars and creates so much energy that you can almost envision tangible sparks flying.

When life itself is so serious, Start Me Up Again provides a light-hearted relief by not taking things too seriously, and aiming for the sole purpose of having fun. With romping drums and cheeky bass licks, it would be hard to do much else besides rock out to the track. Speaking more about the inspiration behind it, Michael says:

This song was made with one purpose. To have as much fun as humanly possible. Just try not to hurt yourself like I did head banging!

The band further elaborates on the lyrical content, sharing:

The lyric is about a relationship that probably won’t last and is being questioned.