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ANGELINA JORDAN Stuns With New Single ‘Million Miles’

Channelling a touching poignancy, Million Miles is the beautiful debut from 14-year-old Angelina Jordan.

Angelina Jordan 2020

There are few 14-year-olds that can channel the same level of maturity as vocalist Angelina Jordan, and it’s this that makes her particularly hard to turn away from. The Los Angeles-based musician exudes a confidence and experiential wisdom that is few and far between, let alone for someone of her tender age.

Penning lyrics that are designed to touch and affect the hearts of listeners, there’s an honesty and openness in Million Miles that will make you want to confide your vulnerabilities and gain the courage to truly connect with your inner emotions. Add to this Angelina’s jaw-dropping vocal abilities, and you’ll be left stunned and speechless at the mastery you’ve just witnessed. Bringing in a simplistic piano harmony and stirring strings, the tender accompaniment allows the full power of Angelina’s voice to pierce through and grab at your heartstrings.

Speaking more on the lyrical inspirations behind the track, Angelina shares:

‘Million Miles’ is about losing someone you really love. This song is very personal to me, because I had never felt the feeling of losing someone before I wrote this.