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BANJI Reveal Video for New Single ‘Listen’

Retro and energetic are the two words used to describe the new music video for single Listen by Banji. 

Banji 2020

Indie outfit Banji have released their first single titled Listen. A song about stubbornness and rejecting maturity, Listen encompasses a catchy chorus and complete 90s energy throughout. The new video showcases the band’s style whilst completing the meaning of the song with depictions of family arguments and food fights, bringing out the child in all of us whilst putting their name firmly on the map. 

Speaking on the new track, the band elaborates:

The instrumental to this track felt very lively and energetic. There are a lot of little elements hidden in the music, almost as if they’re constantly trying to talk through each other. I took that concept and pictured a couple sitting at a dinner table. ‘Listen’ ended up being a song about favouring child-like stubbornness over maturity. The inability to filter thoughts, and instead, trying to talk your way out. It’s basically me saying to myself ‘things would be a lot easier if you just listened’.