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FOO FIGHTERS Release New Video for Banger ‘Shame Shame’

In preparation of their 2021 album Medicine At Midnight, the rock legends have unveiled their newest and first single, accompanied by a chilling music video.

Foo Fighters 2020

Everybody knows Foo Fighters. The band reached a significant status from the get-go and it’s no surprise that they’re still selling out stadiums worldwide even with this tenth album in sight. Single Shame Shame is more reserved than we’re used to from the band, but it’s a promising first release and leaves fans asking what else could be on the horizon.

Shame Shame opens with a tight drum track and bass line that continue throughout the track. The song has a certain groove and tension that could, knowing Foo Fighters, erupt into distorted screaming at any moment but never does. It creeps up on you in a way that fits the music video perfectly. The clip features Dave Grohl and actress Sofia Boutella, Boutella dragging Grohl down as he witnesses the burning down of a coffin and prepares to dig his own grave with a broken guitar. As Grohl told NME, the video was based on a nightmare he had when he was only a teenager and it’s the kind of darkness that we don’t get to see from the Foos often. The band is known for their goofy music videos and not taking themselves too seriously, so it’s an interesting change that could signal a new direction for the rockers.

Medicine At Midnight is set to be released on February 5th through Roswell Records/Columbia Records.