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DUTCH CRIMINAL RECORD Release New Single ’00’s Nostalgia’

Portsmouth’s indie/surf-pop outfit Dutch Criminal Record fall into a deep well of sentimentality in their shimmering new single 00’s Nostalgia.

Dutch Criminal Record 2020

Bathed in a nostalgic glow, the new track from Dutch Criminal Record is a masterclass in sparkling indie pop. Ruminating on the nature of the human existence, the band effortlessly wraps up their fear of the unknown in the buoyant melodies and vibrant textures. Hooking and intoxicating, 00’s Nostalgia thrives on woozy guitars, groovy bass lines, and glistening synths, interwoven with distant vocals to create a sun-drenched harmony. With their new EP slated for 2021 release, Dutch Criminal Record are a band to keep an eye on.

Speaking of 00’s Nostalgia, Joe Delaney-Stone explains:

’00’s Nostalgia’ is a desperate cry of sentimentality in the face of existential dread, it’s something everyone has experienced at one point in their lives. I wrote it in deep lockdown around late April when the novelty of being cooped up had well and truly worn off. It had been unreasonably hot for April and as I slowly cooked in my barely ventilated North London flat I was noodling on my guitar and the intro riff just appeared on my fingers. As I came to write the lyrics on an old memory on social media catapulted me back to my early teens when the existential threat of global events seemed like something that just happened in the news and not something that would ever affect me. I tried to reflect on that and the effect that comparing myself to others on social media during lockdown had on me and probably countless others.