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ULTRA DUDE Shares Dreamy New Single ‘New Haircut’

Combining sounds of summer with hooking rhythms, New Haircut is the groovy latest track from Ultra Dude.

Ultra Dude 2020

Having spent his adolescent years on the sunny coasts of Australia’s Gold Coast, Japanese-Australian artist Ultra Dude shares a glimpse of this warmth through the summery tones of his music. With his latest single New Haircut, he fuses dreamy electronics with punchy syncopated guitars and staccato rhythms, with the result that you feel embraced by the constant electronic tones whilst grooving out to the sharp instrumentals. Hazy and faded vocals add a nostalgic tinge to the track; without listening carefully to them, it would be easy to mistake this for a sparkling, upbeat indie cut but a deeper listen reveals the darker character of the lyricism.

Speaking more on the inspiration for the track, Ultra Dude shares:

‘New Haircut’ was written after a conversation with a work colleague. I shaved my head the night before and at work a colleague said “Nice haircut, but you’re still an asshole” in a joking/banter way. I thought this was a very funny thing to say and wrote a song about it. Mixing what I thought was humour and with my own insecurities to the theme of the song.