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BILLY LOCKETT Opens Up With ‘Wasting Time’

Offering an unfiltered look into his feelings, Wasting Time is the raw and achingly poignant new single from Billy Lockett.

Billy Lockett 2020

Northampton musician Billy Lockett is a rising artist to keep your eye on, as he sweeps across with his vocal prowess and penchant for penning deeply emotive lyrics. Following the release of his one-off album of classic piano compositions, his stirring vocals return to centre stage in Wasting Time to send tingles down your spine. Compounded by an ardent string section, Wasting Time is a balladic cut deeply embedded with potent feelings and plucked from the depths of Billy’s heart.

Sharing more about the meaning of the track, Billy confesses:

I wanna just say this is the sound I’ve been looking for my whole life. I wrote this new song fully from the heart when I was in a very bad place and it’s probably the most personal lyrics I’ve ever written. It’s also the first release I’ve ever fully produced myself.

He also reveals that it was written immediately after a painful relationship split, telling:

It was recorded totally honestly and totally in the moment – the beauty of recorded music is you can capture those moments sometimes. Once I had recorded it, I felt way better, the song changed my mindset straight away.