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GOLD SPECTACLES Charm With New Single ‘Lothario’

Having spent a year in studio-hibernation, Lothario is the charismatic return of Gold Spectacles.

Gold Spectacles 2020

Credit: Chio Fernandez/Press

Multi-instrumentalist duo Gold Spectacles have spent a good part of their past year writing, recording, producing, and creating in various capacities before retreating into a recharge. A year later, they emerge with their glittering new single Lothario, projecting a renewed sense of purpose and a refined confidence in their trajectory. It’s an utterly charming track, teasing you with cheeky xylophones and cut up guitar segments, and even includes bells sampled from their local church. With a playful sound, it’s an easy listening on the surface, but if you pay attention to the lyrics it hints at a slightly more sobering core.

Speaking about the track, the duo shares:

We like to write a certain degree of juxtaposition into our songs. ‘Lothario’ is an upbeat track on the surface but if you dig deeper, you discover it’s riddled with dark undertones and flawed characters. This reflects the narrator’s blind love for Lothario despite his obvious insincerity.

We wrote ‘Lothario’ in Norwegian countryside just before lockdown and completed the final version at our own studio, Gold Spectacles HQ, a few months later. The isolation of 2020 allowed us to reflect on the core elements of the track and strip away any distractions.