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CHRISTIAN COHLE Releases New Single ‘Drown Me Slow’

Reminiscent of Sam Smith, Christian Cohle releases breathtaking ballad Drown Me Slow.

Christian Cohle 2020

Drown Me Slow encompasses soulful vocals, passion and electronic beats that create a dark and mysterious undertone. Penned around themes of being unable to let go despite leaving a long time ago, the new track is filled with bold, powerful bursts of energy whilst disguising itself as somewhat of a cinematic masterpiece that could absolutely be used in Hollywood. 

Speaking on the new release, Christian shares:

One central idea to ‘Drown Me Slow’, is the unwillingness to let go of something, even after it has long left you. You become fixed on it and stare at it often as one can do with a distant star. The longing for it becomes more special than the reality of it itself, because perhaps it’s not even there anymore.