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BAYUK & ANDREAS VEY Share Touching New Single ‘Arms Of Who’

A spellbinding cut that will cut through to your core with its poignant emotions and impassioned performance, Arms Of Who is the beautiful new single from Bayuk and Andreas Vey.

Bayuk 2020

Bayuk and Andreas Vey may be different musicians with distinct experiences, but the two artists are linked by a powerful common passion for creating melodies that generate a magical moment within a song. And when a shared conviction as strong as this join forces to achieve their goal, what you get is a compelling and spellbinding result that will strike right into the centre of your heart. That’s exactly what Arms Of Who, the pair’s newest collaboration, achieves through an achingly raw performance and enchanting melodies.

Blending strummed guitars with soothing falsetto tones, Arms Of Who feels like a gentle coaxing and musical embrace to soothe all of your heartbreak and hurt with its tender sounds. Gently wrapping around you with tendrils of tinkering piano and delicate percussion, the track comforts you with its understanding and empathy of your pain, and reminds you that you’re not alone. Sharing more information about the track, the duo writes:

‘Arms Of Who’ is the most sincere inner monologue about escaping into somebody’s arms after a break up. A modern, beat driven indie-ballad sung by two male voices, that couldn’t be more distinct.