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EIZA MURPHY Shares New Single ‘Taxi’

Irish singer-songwriter Eiza Murphy tackles dishonesty and superficiality in her alluring pop cut, Taxi.

Eiza Murphy 2020

Now based in London, Eiza Murphy tops off her debut single, Black Hole, with a delightful new offering Taxi. Creating an aura of minimal aesthetics, Murphy gracefully navigates the world of materialism and dishonesty in her new track. On Taxi, her lush vocals glide over the smooth blend of astute lyricism and soft electro-tinged sonics, allowing for her unabashed attitude to shine through. With 12 years of classical training under her belt, Eiza Murphy subtly adds her own unique flavour to the pop landscape.

Explaining more about the song, she shares:

I started writing ‘Taxi’ after leaving the most toxic party and thinking ‘god how do people not see through this?’. It was kind of a vent. I think a lot of people have been in a situation like that at some point and seen through the *B.S.* so I think they’ll get it. I definitely didn’t hold back.