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MILK. Release New Single ‘I Hate The Way You’re Looking At Me (Lately)’

Dublin-based milk. treat us to a synth-pop marvel, I Hate The Way You’re Looking At Me (Lately).

milk 2020

Delving into the complexity of relationships, I Hate The Way You’re Looking At Me (Lately) from milk. is a dance floor-worthy bop that is sure to bring sunshine to your day. Wrapped up in swirling electronics and irresistible beats, the track sits somewhere between modern electro-pop and indie, topped with a sprinkle of dance music that brings the innovative accompaniment to the forefront. The woozy guitars and distorted, hazy vocals only add a crisp texture to the mix. Reminiscent of The 1975, the song creates a euphoric feel, elevating milk.’s sound to new heights.

Speaking on the new single, the band shares:

Although Mark had some of the lyrics already written, the song was fleshed out the first time we were all allowed to be in a room together since the start of lockdown. We recorded it with our good friend Adam Redmond in Flaked Studios. The track details the complexity of relationships – the difficult conversations and uncomfortable truths.