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SKYWALKER Release New Single ‘Every Grief’

Honouring their partnership with their new record label Pale Chord, Skywalker release the emotional roller coaster Every Grief.

Skywalker 2020

Czech metalists Skywalker embark on a solo journey towards liberation in their new song Every Grief, their first release after singing with Pale Chord. Diving into overwhelming themes of depression and loneliness, the song confesses to the heartbreaking decision of running away on one’s own and escaping the pain and sorrow, in the hope of finding liberation and internal piece. With powerful yet vulnerable vocals rising above the emotional instrumental, the band has created a full, rich sound, similar to The Amity AffIiction’s style, that is sure to captivate and even touch a few heart strings.

In frontman Jay Kucera’s own words, the song is  “a pure expression of depression, despair, and loneliness. It’s about pondering my earlier decisions to ‘go it alone’ and only rely on myself, as is the contemporary mantra of extreme individualism. In the midst of it, I find loneliness, emptiness, cold, and gloom. I want to escape but find myself unable to do so. In the bridge, I turn to breathing meditation, a technique so cynically abused by the worst players of global markets and capitalism, and ultimately fail. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of love, acceptance and letting go of what is not necessary or wholesome.”