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THE DUNTS Release Video for ‘Individuation’

Individuation is the new electric guitar-driven anthem by The Dunts and the new music video takes you through every thought and emotion. 

The Dunts 2020

This Glaswegian four piece is driven by anthemic rock tunes with punk at their core, creating refreshing and thought-provoking social commentary tracks. Written from a place of finding who you are and what you want to fill life with, their new music video for single Individuation is simple yet effective with an endless stream of lyrics carrying the listener through this high energy track whilst confronting them with their own thoughts and adding a positive spin to a year filled with negatives. 

Speaking on the new release, The Dunts‘ Colin McGachy explains how the new track came to be:

‘Individuation’ is a counter to what we’re all feeling right now. It comes from trying to help yourself and kinda turned out as a kinda-self help thing for me, I had to will myself to feel better. It was written before COVID,  I was reading through all these psychological books, trying to put these things into practice. You don’t even really need to know what ‘Individuation’ is specifically but this might relate to someone who feels like their plans, their dreams have been derailed this year. We wanted to try and make something that had this positive energy to it.