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The 2020 Christmas Playlist

As the holiday season draws to its peak, we’ve picked our favourite festive tunes to help you get into the swing of it and share the music that is helping to get us through.

GIG GOER Christmas Playlist

Whilst Christmas will undoubtedly look very different this year, it doesn’t necessarily have to stop the festive cheer from spreading as a whole host of music has been prepared to embrace and lift our spirits. For much of the past 12 months, many of us have sought solace and comfort in music when the real world seemed a bit too much to deal with, and this end of year will be no different – if anything, the wintery sonic wonderland from the range of covers and original holiday music that artists have graced us with will offer ever more comfort as we know that whatever is happening outside, we can put on our favourite cheesy tunes to decorate along to.