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FLAMMARION Get Tropical for New Single ‘Tides’

Featuring an irresistibly feel-good chorus, Tides is the captivating new single from Flammarion that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Flammarion 2020

Evoking scenes of sunny beaches and glittering waves, you would not have guessed from the dazzling melody of Tides that it was recorded at a small stable in the UK. Nor would you have guessed that this is the debut release from Flammarion, given the slickness of the production and the catchy alt-pop sounds that bounce out from your speakers. The Reading-based trio penned and recorded the track over lockdown, and are now sharing it to make an introduction you can’t ignore.

Opening with evocative and reverberating guitars, the gentle sway eases you in before the infectious main melody cuts across. Doubled in octaves, it playfully counters along with a syncopated beat and hands over to the vocals to carry on. The feathery snare drum playing is occasionally interjected with an accented beat, creating an almost unpredictable excitement to the rhythm that will have you on the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting to see where it will guide you next. A full-textured chorus injects even more passion through impassioned guitars and soaring vocals, before the main melody (that we have come to know and love) neatly rounds everything off.

Speaking on the new single, the band shares:

‘Tides’ is written about the (often misguided) sense of nostalgia and yearning you can have for your past, and the people in it. It’s our message for anyone who’s sat at home and feeling lonely and sentimental during these strange times!