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In The Spotlight // ALEX AMOR

Following the release of our ‘Ones To Watch’ list for 2021, ‘In The Spotlight’ offers the chance to get to know our picks more intimately and find out why we fell in love with them.

Alex Amor 2021

You’ve heard about the artists that we’re most excited for this year. Now, get ready to hear from the artists themselves as we shine a spotlight on their personality, the year just past, and their most anticipated musical artists. Starting off with Alex Amor, the Glaswegian newcomer who has quickly familiarised herself with listeners through poignant tales and introspective reflections. Providing an emotional commonality across which we can share ourselves and connect with others, her music resonates resoundingly in a laid-back and dreamy manner that will lift you from the constraints of everyday life into an ethereal soundscape. Having just released her debut EP Love Language, a collection of personal tracks that invites us to delve into her lived experiences, we have little doubt that it will propel Alex into the mainstream and what better time than now to catch up with her?

What’s integral to the work of an artist?

The work of an artist is to transmute whatever they are feeling into their art. I think the importance of art in general is the healing nature of the process and making beauty out of the madness and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. An artist’s creation is a deep and authentic reflection of themselves which can allow them to see the mirror clearer and understand the world better.

Are there any behind-the-scenes stories of recording your Love Language EP that you can share with us?

I can quite vividly remember recording the first demo for Motion – I was in my bedroom, listening to Born Slippy by Underworld and it reminded me of the movie ‘Trainspotting’. With nostalgia in mind, I felt inspired and started playing this repetitive two chord baseline on my guitar and all of a sudden lyrics appeared pretty quickly. I hadn’t touched my flute in a long time but something spurred me to pick it up. I wrote the song and arranged the flute in about 2 hours, sending it off to a few of my mates not thinking much of it. It’s wild to think that random burst of creativity lead to one of my favourite songs on the EP.

How would you describe your music to someone at a dinner party that’s never heard of you?

It’s conversational, make-you-feel-good pop music with a bit of a kick. It’s not a sugary sweet mojito, it’s an Aperol Spritz. All jokes aside, I hope that someone would describe my music at a party by saying it’s got depth.

What advice would you give to your pre-lockdown self?

Keep meditating! It’s going to be a wild year – take each moment as it comes and find beauty in the stillness.

How would you sum up your 2020 in one sentence?

I learnt how to give in to the flow of life and began to move with the current instead of against it.

Name one thing you can’t imagine your life without.

The thought of life without music is like pizza without cheese. It just doesn’t make sense.

What is the most useless talent you have?

My most useless talent is that I have the most bendy body in the world. I can hold my hands behind my back and get them over my head. Seriously strange party trick.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2021?

I hope to connect with more and more people through music. I can’t wait to perform live too. Honestly, I just hope to be present as much as possible through the madness and create more art.

Which artists excite you the most this year?

There’s so many up and coming female musicians I can’t wait to see blow up this year. Molly Payton, April, Lizzie Reid and Matilda Mann are only a few!

And finally, what does your music say about you?

I hope people hear my transparency. Everything comes from the heart. Music helps me be empowered by my own issues and there’s never really a victim mentality going on in my songs. I like to see a silver lining during a cloudy day. The EP is honest – a true reflection of who I am in every aspect. From the production to the lyrics, I’m only ever trying to be myself. I guess it’s up to the listener to decide what it says about me!