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ESSY Returns With High-Energy New Single ‘Cry For Me’

With an unstoppable energy, Cry For Me is the head-bopping new single from Essy.

Essy 2021

Nashville-based synth pop artist Essy continues to build her own sonic empire with her driving new single Cry For Me. Having started out as an EDM songwriter, which saw her collaborate with the likes of Ship Wrek and being shouted out by The Chainsmokers, she embarked on a solo project last year and has since racked up over 6 million streams on Spotify alone. These stats will only continue to rise with the release of her latest release Cry For Me, which is the third cut to be taken from her upcoming sophomore album.

Bringing in her electronic roots, Cry For Me blends euphoric melodies with glittering synths and impassioned saxophones in a kaleidoscope of mellifluous textures. Essy’s feather-light vocals add a touch of authenticity on top, allowing her storytelling to shine through and resonate with you. Exploring the unrealistic societal ideas of what ‘manliness’ entails, the track is a criticism of toxic masculinity and the stigma around displaying emotions. Speaking about this inspiration in more detail, Essy shares:

As an image-conscious society, we create emotional shields to appear put together, strong, and powerful. It’s unhealthy, it’s toxic, it’s unsustainable. Feelings are meant to be felt and this song is about celebrating the crazy in all of us.