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ANDREWW Shares New Single ‘Medusa’

From fashion to music, emerging artist Andreww has unleashed his latest genre-defying track Medusa.

Andreww 2021

Teetering between indie and hip-hop with grunge gradation, Medusa blends together 808-beats, neon synths and sultry vocals to create a contrasting soundscape that is appealing to fans of a variety of modern genres.

Born from the push and pull of toxic relationships, the song’s theme of contrast is also deeply rooted within its lyrics, as Andreww croons his way through intriguing allusions and relatable metaphors — like that of the desire, and fear, of Grecian villainess Medusa.

Speaking on the new release, Andreww shares:

As much as people didn’t want to look at Medusa they still did. It’s the same with toxic relationships. No matter how bad they are for you, you can’t help but stay in them.

[The song] is about these toxic relationships and all the two-faced feelings that come with them. The inner conflict also reflects in the music; [showing] that things that sometimes aren’t meant to be together, still end up staying together.