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Devin Kennedy kicks off his first single of 2021 with a charismatic duo with Caroline Kole.

Devin Kennedy 2021

In the first of a series of planned releases, Devin Kennedy makes a hooking start to the year with Mean To Me. With five more singles slated to come in the first half of 2021, Mean To Me leaves much to be excited about with its catchy hooks and dynamic production. Joining forces with songstress Caroline Kole, the pair’s musical chemistry is evident as they feed off each other’s energy to produce a hypnotic power and combine their vocals in a complementary manner. Exploring the ‘battleground inside your head’, the track will energise you and give you the strength to break free from your mental barriers to achieve what you want.

Sharing more about how the collaboration came about, Caroline says:

Our paths crossed earlier last year and we knew we wanted to collaborate in some way. Though we couldn’t be in the same room together to record this, FaceTime closed the gap between LA and Nashville. So excited to kick of 2021 this way, and anxiously awaiting the day we can play it live in front of actual people.