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THE DRIVES Unveil New Single ‘The Comedown’

Taking a messy mental state and subjecting it to an indie rock treatment, The Comedown encapsulates how a lot of us are feeling right now.

The Drives 2021

Los Angeles-based outfit The Drives get honest with their latest track, The Comedown. Detailing the mental and physical mess that can accompany any unexpected situation, the confusion in thought is something that many can relate to right now. In conjunction with a driving indie-rock energy, with heartfelt guitars and energising drums, The Comedown is the musical antidote that we can all do with as we work through the uncertainty of right now.

Sharing more about how the track came to be, the band opens up:

I wrote this song in the aftermath of an intense breakup when I was pretty overwhelmed and stuck. Nothing I could do could really get me out of the heaviness that surrounded me. Immediately, when I started writing the music to this song I knew instantly what the song would be about. I basically tried to capture what I was going through directly post breakup. At times, it felt good, like it was the beginning of something. Then sometimes I felt a sense of uneasiness. Then, other times, I felt pure frustration. Basically, I tried to put all those feelings into different parts of the song.

It’s weird now because even though I wrote this song a while ago about my breakup, it feels like the perfect time to release it. In a lot of ways I’m feeling similar emotions about the start of this year in terms of the state of the world and my own state of mind. Some days feel like a positive step forward while others feel another disheartening step back into 2020.