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TIM ATLAS & HONEYWHIP Share Video for ‘Peace At Last’

Peace At Last is the latest uplifting collaboration from Tim Atlas and honeywhip.

Tim Atlas x honeywhip

Oakland-born, LA-based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Atlas has teamed up with dream-pop indie duo honeywhip for their inspiring and comforting new single, Peace At Last. Reflecting on “the year of disruption”, the new track finds the artists tackling the theme of racial and social injustice amid a global pandemic but also celebrating a sense of community and social diversity. With a lo-fi quality to the sound, Peace At Last is a sun-drenched cut of bedroom/indie-pop, glistening with the groovy rhythm, breezy melodies and warm vocals. The song is accompanied by a user-generated collection of clips from friends and family responding to the changes and challenges that 2020 brought to the forefront.

Speaking on their latest project, Atlas says:

We’re all made up of a sum of experiences, and while those experiences shape who we are & how we perceive the world, it’s a breath of fresh air when you feel like you have a chance to make some changes.

I got together with honeywhip, and we got to talking about feeling like a shell of a person after a long tour. But when you finally get back home and you’ve taken several naps, and mental health days, you almost feel like you have a fresh start. That’s how this last year has felt. It took a while to work on the song, virtually sending ideas back and forth. It honestly could’ve been lost in the shuffle since the world felt like it was falling apart. But things are feeling a little different now. Rebirth. Breaking things down to rebuild them again in a new light. There’s always more work to do, but we have some hope again.