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THE CRYSTAL CASINO BAND Release New Single ‘Waste My Time’

Waste My Time, the track that does just the opposite, is the latest offering from The Crystal Casino Band.

The Crystal Casino Band 2021

The Crystal Casino Band, formerly known as The Colonies, are a DC-based indie rock quartet. Changing their name as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, the band said at the time “the protests over the last few weeks have caused us to re-examine some things, namely the implications The Colonies has within the context of history of race in this country. We can – and will – do better, BE better.”

With a completely fresh canvas to work with, TCCB began releasing new music in the autumn of 2020, the latest being the explosive Waste My Time. The track is a slow burner, initially, as vocalist Pete Stevens narrates the tug of war experienced in a relationship, giving this the potential to be a slow, melancholic song.

“And oh!” The pace quickens and we see harmonies, louder vocals, and more prominent, energetic instrumentals, featuring a powerful guitar solo. Waste My Time’s production is reminiscent of the likes of The Killers and The Strokes, making them an instant hit – especially in their local DC scene.

Waste My Time is the third single to be released from their forthcoming EP, and it’s their best yet.