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ALORA FARENWEH Releases Dreamy New Single ‘Riding A Tiger’

Alora Farenweh is transporting her listeners to another world with the new track Riding A Tiger.

Alora Farenweh 2021

Canadian dream-pop singer-songwriter Alora Farenweh sings from the heart, intertwining her own personal battles with spirituality to create gorgeous tracks, the latest of these being Riding A Tiger.

The new track is extremely intimate and gets right inside your mind, literally – Farenweh has written the track with the intent of the listeners being the one riding the tiger. She’s singing this song directly to the people who listen. A pink world which is deceiving to the eye, as underneath the colourful façade there is darkness, is being ridden through on a tiger. It seems like such a fun dream.

Farenweh herself struggles with depersonalization disorder and often feels like she’s an outsider to some imaginary world, and this experience is definitely put through in Riding A Tiger; the lyrics and the dreamy soundscapes are reminiscent of a dream and the listener is dragged into a whole new world.