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BEN HOWARD Shares New Single ‘Crowhurst’s Meme’

With a flair for storytelling, Ben Howard elevates his sound to new heights on his new track Crowhurst’s Meme.

Ben Howard 2021

Ben Howard has offered up a second track, Crowhurst’s Meme, from his forthcoming new album, Collections From The Whiteout, set to be released on March 26th via Island Records.

With a vivid narrative and a complex sound, Crowhurst’s Meme sets the bar high as Ben Howard gears up to release his fourth studio album. Intricate and captivating, the new song feels like swimming in warm waters of stirring electronics and sharp instrumentals that shimmer with a myriad of textures. The poetic quality and lyrical embellishment of the track truly shine through as Howard paints a story of anxiety and inner struggle. Never one to stray away from sonic experimentation, Collections From The Whiteout appears to be yet another intriguing example of his illustrious artistry.

Speaking on the new release, Ben Howard shares:

This song was firstly inspired by a wonky synth guitar part that I had which had a kind of seasick quality to it, which in my head had a tenuous link to the Donald Crowhurst story – the famous tale of the amateur British sailor who died whilst sailing around the world. These two things seemed to marry and so it became a sort of exploration of the undocumented universal side of the story.

Donald Crowhurst, a British businessman died while competing in the Sunday Times’ Golden Globe Race in 1969, a single-handed, round-the-world yacht race. According to Wikipedia, his ship began taking on water, and he wrote that it would probably sink in heavy seas. He secretly abandoned the race while reporting false positions in an attempt to appear to complete a circumnavigation without actually doing so. His log-books, found after his disappearance, suggest that the stress he was under and an associated psychological deterioration possibly led to his suicide.